Essay on Developing Countries and Environmeantal Protection

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Developing countries need to prioritize environmental protection over resource extraction because of corruption, the resource curse, and the advantageous effects of ensuring environmental stability. The reason this conflict is so pressing is because many people think that resource extraction is the best means of economic growth. Developing countries, however, do not necessarily manage their wealth very efficiently. Most developing countries need to focus on the environment to do the most good for the largest amount of people.
Developing countries are defined according to their Gross National Income per citizen per year. As of 2014 countries with a GNI of US $11,905 and less are defined as still in the developing process (United Nations,
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Within this scale, developed areas such as the United States and the European Union are ranking about at a 79-100. If one takes a look at developing counties, a freighting difference begins to emerge. Developing countries are currently averaging a 20-30 on the scale. Most of Africa is even among a 10-30, and if one looks at some of the highest grossing developing countries which are China, Brazil, India, Russia and Mexico, their corruption level rank among a 20-40. As one can see none of the wealth that these countries would be making from resource extraction would be going to the people. China, India, Brazil, Russia, and Mexico all rank within the top 10 for GDP for the nation as a whole (International Monetary Fund, 2014). People within these countries still have a very low quality of human development however.
Counties with high amounts of extractive industries are the most prone to corruption as well. The ownership of mineral wealth contributes largely to corruption. In these developing countries, the line between what the government controls and what is controlled by private companies becomes blurred. Wealthy private companies have a high level of political sway and give the politically elite more of an opportunity to benefit from corrupt behaviour (Hollingstead, 2013).
Many problems in the world could be solved though the reduction of corruption. The Millennium Development Goals are a set of goals the United Nations will strive to achieve by

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