Delegation Essay

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What is delegation? Delegation is defined as follows: “Getting work done through others or as directing the performance of one or more people to accomplish organization goals (Managing & Leading: Concepts, 1997, p. 146). Delegation is a part of management. It allows managers to assign responsibility to coworkers to achieve organization goals through the work of others. In conclusion delegation is the process of achieving performance of certain outcomes for which you are accountable with other individuals who have the appropriate authority to accomplish the work (Sullivan & Decker, 1992, p. 216).
Delegation is a complex process that can be quite effective in accomplishing work. It is one of the most effective professional
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Delegation is also called for because of the onslaught of new knowledge, systems, processes, technology, laws, etc. Mastery of a specific area is possible, but managers can’t be true specialists if for no other reason than that by definition, managers oversee functions and/or people. You can’t oversee either without continuos upgrading of knowledge and techniques(Mosby, 1992, p. 134).
Delegation could be used more effectively in planning by writing a list of all the major task for which your team is responsible. Decide which tasks only you can do, do not overload; such as performance appraisals, disciplining employees or handling situations that are politically sensitive or high priority and high risk, and must be done within a short time frame. Also to determine which task can be given to others on the team. Are certain items recurring or routine, such as monthly sales reports, or routine, budgeting or activity reports? Some one else can handle those duties. In organizing, delegation could be more effective goals in a more optimum fashion, in leading delegation could be more effective to set direction for the organization, groups and individuals and also influence people to follow that direction. And controlling in

delegation could be more effective if the organization’s systems, processes and structures to reach effectively and efficiently reach goals and objectives. Delegation isn’t just a

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