Debate On The Use of the Capital Punishment Essay

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Our modern society has a very detailed system for justice and one aspect of is having different levels of punishment for different crimes. Many people say that the top level possible is capital punishment. Capital punishment or death penalty can be defined the legally authoeized killing someone as punishment for crime. The rules about capital punishment and the use are different between each country, state and some do not use it at all. There are enough places still apply it so that it is very controversial topic all over the world. There is long history and many issues about the subject which make it difficult to decide what is the correct one. This essay will discuss the historical, social and moral sides of the issue capital punishment. …show more content…
Capital punishment is through all history, but many times in different countries there was action to remove the death penalty and find the other ways of punishment. This is because people have always feels like may it is not fair. Since world war there have been many nations who took away the death penalty. Today, there are only few western countries that allow capital punishment, and many Middle Eastern, but the worst is China according to Amnesty International. Some of countries
Keep the death penalty, especially in the United States have decided to try and find more humane of killing the guilty because studies have shown that the current popular ways which are lethal injection, electric chair and hanging theses can be sometimes cause a lot of pain and discomfort to the condemned if things go wrong. The death penalty has existed in different ways for as long as humans can remember. Depending on the political and social climate, the country and the era, history has seen various attitudes and practice about the capital punishment, but for sure this is still developing and changing. (Death Penalty, Amnesty International)

Capital punishment is large social around the world and it is always talked about debated and having changes made and covered the news and

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