Essay on Data Analysis and Interpretation of Social Media Use

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Data Analysis
Below is Question wise analysis of data collected
1. What is overall work experience you have in marketing and branding domain?
a). 0-2 years b). 2-4 years
c). 4-6 years d). More than 6 years Interpretation:
The above data shows that 68% of the Marketing personnel’s are in the field of Marketing since last 2 yrs which depicts that the people who have given most of the responses are very new to this field and do not carry so much of experience and knowledge .Only 14% of the people that is 7 of them are highly experienced.

2. Which of the following social networking sites are you
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a). Content b). Visualization
c). Cost d). Reach Interpretation:
According to the above given data 50% of the population have said that they find social networking site effective for brand promotion because it has reach to the consumers. Also they prefer brand promotion because it fulfills the purpose of visualization.

5. Do you think that use of social networking sites is effective for brand promotion than any other mode of communication? Rate your opinion on scale of 1-5 where 1 means not at all effective and 5 means very effective? 1 2 3 4 5 Interpretation:
According to the given data out of a lot of 50 people 17 people are neutral about the fact that advertising for their product using social networking sites is beneficial and 24 people which shows that almost half of the population feels that it is actually beneficial for the company.

6. From the following which factor is most useful for engaging the customers in using social media website?
a). Product Discussion b). Demonstrations
c). Showcasing of expertise d). Showcasing of quality Interpretation:
The above given data shows that Demonstration of the product or services efficiency is the most relevant

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