Why Is Racial Profiling Acceptable

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Racial Profiling Is Not Acceptable
Racial profiling is not acceptable in America because individual 's race, ethnicity, religion or national origin. It can be considered racist. People are accused of things they did not commit. For example, Henry Louis Gates Jr, who was arrested after forcing his way into his house. It is not acceptable because of how they look.We shouldn’t make anyone feel useless or unwanted.
In the Los Angeles Times article Behind the Ban by Timothy Garton Ash states, “they say the full face veil is a threat to public safety ….” (Ash). People suspect the burkas can cause a place to bomb or being a threat to the public. Women assume the cartoon of Mohammad, who wear the burkas find it disturbing. They found it offensive and
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" (Herbert 1) . Why stop someone who has not done anything but just hang around. Stopping them just because of their race or ethnicity is not a good reason. Just by thinking of it, it just hits me like “wow that’s messed up!”Cops should not do that because it is racist and they can lose their job. It makes them look bad to the whole society. That is why now a day’s African American do not like white people because how the African Americans get treated and what they see in the streets. It makes people feel unsafe, unwanted .I mean you wouldn’t like feeling like that? If the police keep doing this people are not going to rely on them no more but gain angriness towards the police. That is bad because we do not want war with each other, we should be having peace instead. It makes the police be the victim instead of serving and protecting everyone equally. That is one reason why people dislike the cops because their racism. No African American is going to be safe from what is going on regardless of their obedience to the law, their age, the type of car they drive or their station in life. It really should be the other way around, getting along and treating each other how it is suppose to be.Although cops are biased Bob states, not all white cops are biased there are some that are innocent. “Virtually everybody is innocent, and virtually everybody is not white." (Herbert 2) . For example, some cops give advice to others so they can do better in life. Some actually do their job instead of being

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