Essay on Cyndi Lauper and Miley Cyrus

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“Yeah, it's a party in the USA” (“Party in the USA”). In the 80s Cyndi Lauper was the wild child. She had crazy hair, her outfits were unusual, and she had music that was revolutionary for her time. But now, Miley Cyrus has taken on Lauper’s role. Miley cut off her long hair; she is now wearing shorter, tighter outfits; and her dancing has been more provocative in the past year or so. These two seem pretty different, but are they? One might say that they are pretty alike. In examining the lives and causes of Cyndi Lauper and Miley Cyrus, one can see that American culture has changed drastically over time in terms of music, fashion, and manners.
Cyndi Lauper’s music has had an influence on women in the 80s. Through it, she showed
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Although the music industry has changed from Lauper’s time to now, Cyndi is still influencing people today with her music and fashion.
In the world today Miley Cyrus has been considered the wild child, because of her new music and look. Ever sense Miley was young she has been shocking people with everything she has done.“ Miley Cyrus is surprising fans and critics alike yet again, but this time it’s not for lewd dancing or her barely there clothing”. Everything Miley has done in all of her year’s in and out of the spotlight, she has and will never stop surprising her fans. When she cut off her hair and got new outfits, she began shocking everyone. Then she came out with her new album it reminded everyone of how talented she is. This makes people question her abilities and her passion. She used to be a child star that millions of young girls looked up to then she turned an era in her life and she changed from the child star to a women speaking and showing her own expressions. “ Her whole new image is teaching teenagers to choose their own path in life, rather than other people choosing” Miley is literally showing teenagers it is ok to just be who you are and not care what others think about you. Her message to her fans and the aspiring young ladies is to remember in the end it only matters what you think about your self.

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