Cyber Terrorism: A Threat to the United States Essay

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This original product provides perspective and understanding of the nature and capacity of an emerging threat against the United States. This assists federal, state, local and tribal government agencies and authorities, and other entities develop priorities for protective measures and understanding relating to an existing or emerging threat to the national security of the United States.

Key Terms:
- Cyber Terrorism: “Any premeditated, politically motivated attack against information, computer systems, computer programs, and data which results in the violence against non-combatant targets by sub-national groups or clandestine groups.”

A cyber terrorism attack is designed to inflict physical violence or financial
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- What is being done to combat cyber terrorism? Is the United States prepared for such an attack?
- What is the future of cyber terrorism and is a threat imminent or likely?

Key Assumption(s)

- Al-Qaeda or another terrorist cell is planning another attack against the United States.
- Al-Qaeda has become more advanced and will at some point use technology to carry out their attack.
- Cyber terrorism is a possible threat to the United States.
- Cyber terrorism capabilities will continue to be voluntarily available.

Executive Summary

The PA OAG assesses with medium confidence that the effects of a cyber terror attack would be crippling to the United States. The United States has become technology reliant, making the likelihood and impact of such an attack devastating. Pertinent systems through the United States would be affected from such an attack. Cyber terrorists aim for banking systems, water filtration systems and energy grids.

The PA OAG assesses with medium confidence that the United States is both vulnerable to a cyber terror attack and capable to attack. Computers are interconnected in a way that relevant systems are vulnerable to an attack. Targeted companies like energy companies have become highly vulnerable by creating links between networks. Terrorists have the capability and desire to attack the United States, as their technology and networking is equally as advanced.

The PA

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