CyberCrime in Australia Essay

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Australia is dependent on technology, everything from state security, economics and information collaboration is more accessible resulting in an increased reliance on digital networks. The rapid increase in cyber activity has a symbiotic relationship with cyber crime. The evolving nature of cyber crimes are constantly leaving counter measures obsolete in the face of these new technologies. Australia takes insufficient action against cyber crime, inaction is based on Australia’s previous focus on counter-terrorism. This study will use the Australia’s National Security Strategy 2013 to show the increasing trend towards cyber security. Unfortunately the Australia Government is lacking in the presence of this growing phenomenon. Recently cyber …show more content…
This essay will present an analysis of Australia’s shifting defense proprieties. The basis of this study will focus on the previous Australian Governments 2013 National Security Strategy to observe how they plan to ensure the security of the states cyber landscape. This study will contrast recommendations made by government agencies and academics in 2003 to 2013. A critical examination of the Australian Secret Intelligence Organisation’s financial expenditure from 2003 to 2013 will identify the security priorities and how they have shifted.

Western culture was still suffering post 9/11, counter-terrorism was the focus of all states. The Case studies of Anonymous, Edward Snowden and Wiki-leaks will be utilised to represent how cyber security is lacking due to government inaction over the previous decade. In 2010 the House of Representative released their Inquiry into Cyber Crime highlight how these crimes are on the increase and security steps need to be strengthen show the state wish to protect itself from this growing phenomenon.

Post 9/11 witnessed an international shift towards counter-terrorism operations to ensure state security. The slew of anti-terrorism laws resulted in a dramatic increased in funding towards agencies apart of these strategies with $480 million spent directly on cyber security in 2011 to 2012 . This contrasted to the attitude of Cyber security a decade before.

In 2003-2004 cyber security consisted of

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