Creating Humor Essay

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Creating Humor

Situation comedies strive to create entertaining humour based around a relevant situation. This is done through the exploration of many topics and application of different characteristics on different characters. In order to be successful situation comedies need to exploit the human weakness of humour. Humans are the only species physiologically capable of laughter. We often judge each other and ourselves by what we find funny. Laughter also affects us emotionally acting as a temporary amnesia making us forget or become less aware of our problems. Most sitcoms use stereotype and conflict of characters as an aspect of comedy creation. This combined with an emphasis on contrast,
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By using sensitive issues and taking them one step further where they are exploited to a degree no other genre would go too comedy is created. However, this must be done whilst sustaining a degree of realism so that the viewer still has something with which to relate. By doing so every episode the viewer will recognise the characters behaviour and relate it back to their own. The Office provides a good example of this. The humour within the episodes is observational. Contrasting to the use of doors and a confined area with lots of movement to create farce comedy in FawltyTowers.

The Office is a good example of a successful sitcom. Prior to watching an episode the viewer has certain expectations of the programme. This is formed by a gradual familiarity that is subconsciously formed between the acted stock characters and the viewer. Before watching the office we expect to see the same stock characters within the same environment. By forming this familiarity with the viewer the sitcom can exaggerate the comedy yet still make us laugh. Part of the reason we laugh is because we now the actors are acting yet we suspend disbelief. The office then takes comedy further by allowing that familiarity to be formed yet maintaining an accurate simulation of spontaneity. This therefore bonds us with the characters yet makes there actions

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