Corrective Feedback Strategies in an Italian SLA Classroom Essay

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Classroom interaction is an extensively studied field of Second Language Acquisition that often involves many different investigation of the cooperation between students and teachers (Mackey, 2007; Mackey 2012). One of the main focuses of interaction is corrective feedback in L2 classrooms with the target issue of the language itself and how it is used in the L2 context. Corrective feedback occurs when a student produces an oral error, which is usually followed with the teacher’s reaction in the form of correction. After the teacher’s corrective turn, the student may respond with a sign of learning or comprehension by producing an uptake that reacts to the correction.
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It would be remiss to not mention the work on recalls Alison Mackey has supplied to the field of Applied Linguistics such as her article in 2004. This article concentrates on the relationship between a teacher’s field experience in teaching and the use of focus-on-form. Focus-on-form, taking Ellis’ (2001) model into consideration is “any planned or incidental instructional activity that is intended to induce language learners to pay attention to linguistic form” (pp. 1-2). Another difficult within coding for corrective feedback is that the sense of interaction is lost within the concentration of what kinds of feedback and uptakes occur instead of how they transpire naturally. Hauser (2005) argues that coding corrective feedback obscures what is happening between participants with its concentration on the taxonomy because the criteria relies on the maintenance of meaning between the participants and taking the meaning out of the context leads to making the coding ambiguous and indexical. However, the importance of studying and examining corrective feedback is pivotal when studied in actual classroom discourse so this study presents a coding book in Appendix II. Most of the interaction that does take place during foreign language instruction is guided by the teacher so by improving teachers’ knowledge of their own

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