Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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In order to answer the main question of this study, a literature study was carried out to find out how Corporate Social Responsibility in literature was defined; what the role of stakeholders, specifically employees was in job advertisements. Furthermore, the theory of Person-Organization fit was explained and the different work motivation theories are discussed.

2.1 Corporate Social Responsibility
Last couple of years Corporate Social Responsibility became more important for organization and society. More and more organizations incorporate some kind of Corporate Social Responsibility activities (Collier & Estaban, 2007). However, Corporate Social Responsibility is a very complex and subjective process which organizations go through
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Another definition is the definition of Carroll (1991) and although the definition of Carroll exists for several years, the definition remains useful to the contemporary practice, because organizations still incorporate these responsibilities in their policies. Carroll’s definition consists of four responsibilities, namely economic, legal, ethical and philanthropic. The definition of Carroll corresponds with the definition of Moser on law and efficiency, because these aspects match the economic and legal responsibilities of Carroll. And the definition of Carroll corresponds also with the definition of O’Connor and Meister, because they mention aspects in their definition that match the ethical, economic and philanthropic responsibilities. In Carroll’s definition aspects of O’Connor & Meister and the definition of Moser are found, but Carroll gives responsibilities that the organization must meet, rather than a definition that the organization should incorporate. In other words, Carroll’s definition is the most comprehensive and is therefore regarded as the most complete definition. That is why Carroll’s Corporate Social Responsibilities were used in this study.
As mentioned, according to Carroll (1991, p. 42) “Corporate Social Responsibility consists of four responsibilities, namely economic (be profitable), legal (law is society's codification of right and wrong), ethical (obligation to do what is right, just, and fair) and

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