Essay about Corporate Social Responsibility Activities of Unilever

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Executive Summary:
CSR is one of most important parts of every company. Acting as socially responsible is must for winning the race of competition. In this report, in the 1st part I tried to show a brief about CSR, its history and how people respond towards CSR. Then I have chosen Unilever, a famous FMCG company for the analysis. Then I tried to find out the CSR activities of Unilever all over the world, its corporate strategy and the contribution of CSR activities to corporate strategy. In the last part a SWOT analysis and some recommendations are given for more clarifications. I hope that this report will be able to give a clear view about CSR and its contribution to corporate strategy.

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Here internet, journals and books have been accessed as secondary information source. So literally there were some resource limitations. That’s why the outcome can vary from the reality.
3 Topic Background:
As a company functions in the society and deals with the societal forces, so that company has some responsibility towards the society and its stakeholders who are affected directly or indirectly by the company’s operation (Bassen,2005). That’s why a company should maintain ethical standard, international norms and different code of conducts which do not go against the society. If this approach is backed by companies’ corporate strategy and if it can be shown and communicated to the mass people, companies’ corporate strategy will give a huge positive return. Understanding this basic background, here we will have an analysis CSR and the strong interrelation between Corporate Social Responsibility and corporate strategy. For that I have chosen world famous FMCG Company “Unilever Limited for the total analysis.
4 Company Background:
Unilever is an internationally renowned and famous fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) suppliers in the world’s history since 1930 (Buckinx and Van den Poel,2005). It has 400 brands which are operating about to 190 countries. If someone asks what are the product those Unilever supplies, then we must answer what not? It supplies every product which

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