Controlling Macbeth Essay

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William Shakespeare (1564 – 1616) wrote many informative and well-versed plays, including The Tragedy of Macbeth. Shakespeare wrote his play, The Tragedy of Macbeth, in 1606 during the rule of James I, who symbolizes the completion of the witches’ prophecy, that a descendent of Banquo will become king. Some scholars argue Shakespeare was the best playwright of all time; however, the writer never came up with a complete storyline himself. His play, The Tragedy of Macbeth, based off the story of Mac Bethad mac Findlaich, demonstrates Shakespeare originality, by creating the plot and developing the storyline, but Shakespeare still based his characters on real-life people. Without much trustworthy knowledge about Mac Bethad mac Findlaich, …show more content…
Many historians, Shakespearians, and critics view the witches as influential in Macbeth’s decision; but a few writers take it a step further and argue that the Weird Sisters control Macbeth. Some of the writers also argue whether the witches took control of Macbeth or if Macbeth gave them control of him. One Shakespearean critic, Michael Davis, states, “Courage may consist in disdaining fortune, but Macbeth places trust in fortune-tellers. From the moment he entertains this possibility… Macbeth begins his submission to the ‘powers of darkness’ (…)” (44: 318). His viewpoint differs with both August Wilhelm Schegel and Charles Lamb, who believe the witches took control of Macbeth. In one of August Wilhelm Schegel’s writings, he states:

The weird sisters surprise Macbeth in the moment of intoxication of victory… they cheat his eyes by exhibiting to him as the work of fate what in reality can only be accomplished by his own deed, and gain credence for all their words by the immediate fulfillment of the first prediction. (Schegel 3: 183)
Charles Lamb, an English writer, also argues the point that the witches took control of Macbeth, “From the moment that their eyes first met with Macbeth’s, he is spell-bound” (3: 184). All three of these Shakespearean scholars agree the witches control Macbeth, but as stated in their articles, some

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