Essay on Concussions In Football

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Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is played in a lot of different ways, fashions, and other countries. It can be a very brutal sport with players hitting at the intent to hurt one another. With these intents come great consequences. In recent years the head injuries involved with this brutal game play have been getting uncomfortably high. Many rules have had to be enforced for player safety, because of the increase of head injuries resulting in tragic effects on players both old and new. One of the injuries that have had the most devastating effects is the concussion.
Concussions are an injury that falls under the Traumatic Brain Injury category. A concussion occurs when a force causes the brain to rock back and
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My own home felt like somewhere I had never been before. After that, I took a blow to the head numerous times during a soap scrimmage, and two days after got hit in the head again by a basketball that was thrown very hard. After all this I never got help because I did not want to let my team down.
In Christopher Nowinski’s book “Head games” he talks about a player named Adam Melka, a fifteen-year-old linebacker. He was playing football and came to the sideline dizzy and vomiting after a blow to the head, he was taken to a hospital for further examination, and ended up having emergency brain surgery. The team and its coaches were confused as to why this had happened, because the last hit he had received was nothing very eye opening. His father asked to see the game film. His father also thought the hit before he came out was not exceptionally violent, but he noticed a hit he had earlier. The hit left Melka visibly shaken “You could see him go onto his knees and bend backwards,” his father said. Adam Melka survived, but now must endure a long recovery.
According to statistics obtained by the University of Rochester Medical Center, Football is not the sport with the most concussions. Football is behind hockey with every eight per ten thousand players receiving a concussion, whereas Hockey was ten

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