Computer and Web Ethics Essay

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The focus of this research paper will be on computer and web ethics. How computers have impacted us in the last few years and how our web ethics should be. We will be breaking down computer ethics and web ethics. Although many people think that the computer is a very recent development, it actually has a long history that demonstrates how quickly the computer industry changes. History provides a context for how far we have come with computers in a relatively short period of time. Most importantly, by understanding computer history we can gain a better and deeper understanding of today's computing environment. Since you are reading these words on a computer right now take a moment and look around you. Your mouse, keyboard, …show more content…
So, for the first time in the history of the earth, ethics and values will be debated and transformed in a context that is not limited to a particular geographic region, or constrained by a specific religion or culture”. Bynum, T. (2001) Computer and web ethics are important for making sure the web is a safe environment for all its users. While we are using the internet and computer there are rules to follow. The internet allows us to communicate with others by the click of a button. While using the internet, we need to make sure to seek the truth and express it. Respect information and its infrastructure as property. Everything on the internet is for public viewing. If copying information it must be referenced, give credit where credit is due.

Web ethics are designed to ensure proper use of information on the internet. While working on the internet there are basic rules of conduct. These are call computer and web ethics. Even in our everyday life there are rules to follow. Without any rules where would we be in society?

When we were growing up, our parents gave us rules to follow. The study of moral concepts arises. As we all know by now the invasion of someone’s privacy was possible before computers, although since computers and the internet is

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