Essay on Comparison & Contrast of Windows & Windows ME

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Comparison and Contrast

Windows & Windows Me

Pamela R Kerr

NTC / 410

Richard Bohn

June 22, 2005

Comparison and Contrast Windows & Windows Me
This paper will identify comparison and contrast of Windows and Windows Me, which will include the program description, planning the scope and plan objectives, vocabulary definitions, project control, schedule of deliverables and resource requirements. When Windows
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„h Windows Me is the most powerful personal computer version of Windows software and is software that has been updated many times since starting to breathe in January 1985. It is short for Windows Millennium, but Microsoft Labels it ¡§Windows Me.¡¨

„h Programmer types say Windows software is big enough and powerful enough to be called and operating system. That is because Windows ¡§operates¡¨ your computer. Most computer users, however, call Windows lots of other names.

„h Windows 2000 is Microsoft¡¦s biggest and most powerful version of Windows. It is stronger and more full-featured than Windows Me. Windows 2000 is favored mostly by large office networks in order for all the computers can talk to each other. In fact, Microsoft eventually plans to discontinue its Windows Me line in favor of its Windows 2000 series.

„h Windows 2000 is not the replacement for Windows 98, even though its name sounds like it is the logical next step. No, what this means is Windows 2000 is the latest version of Windows NT, the corporate version of Windows used for networking. Windows Me is also known as Windows Millennium and is the replacement for Windows 98, even though the two names have nothing in common.

What Does Windows Do? Windows controls all the parts of your computer. You turn on your computer, start Windows, and start running your programs. Each program runs in its own little window on-screen, yet windows keep things safe, even if the

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