Essay on Comparing Beowulf and Star Wars

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Before the English, there were the greatest warrior tribes of all times, the Anglo- Saxons. The Anglo- Saxons were also known as the greatest fighters of any type of nomadic tribe that lived during that time. They were tribes that traveled from place to place killing anything in site. It is almost as if they only goal in life is to kill off anything they went against them. The first people to tell the first story of a great warrior would have to be the Anglo- Saxons. They depict there characters as very strong monsters that could take on any demon or devil. Inside these tribes was the great tale of the warrior Beowulf. Beowulf was considered to be the greatest warrior from that century. In "Beowulf", they say that "he had …show more content…
In the poem, Beowulf is depicted as a very proud and arrogant fighter. He tells everyone how good and great he is, and how no one has ever beaten him. He is not liked by people, but at the same time he is not hated either. In Beowulf, it seems as though he is just the used, he is just the legend with glory, but no place in the world. In the poem he describes his fights after he returns, and he tells the people how great and how well he fought. In "Beowulf" he states, Then my moment came in the combat and I struck The dwellers in that den. Next thing the damascened Sword blade melted; it bloated and it burned In the rushing blood. I have wrested the hilt Done to the danes; (1665-1670)
In this quote from the story he is telling every detail from the battle with the Hell- damn. When Beowulf talks about all his tails and stories he tells them as if he is always the winner. Although Beowulf is usually always the winner, in the times that he has lost, he can not admit defeat. Again in "Beowulf" he says When the going was heavy in those high waves' I was the strongest swimmer of all. We'd been children together and we grew up Daring ourselves to outdo each other; (533- 536)
Beowulf goes on to tell how he only lost the swimming race because he had to kill the rest of the sea beasts. The description of Beowulf may differ much from Luke, but their overall concept is the one that sticks out the

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