Coming Full Circle in Blue Highways Essay

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In his traveling diary, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon takes a trip to various destinations of unknown worth. His American back roads tour is characterized by the pattern of taking a journey that follows a circle. Least Heat Moon's circular journey is both literal and spiritual. His travels circle the nation, and he gathers history and personality from all corners of America. More importantly, however, Least Heat Moon sets out to fully explore and find himself. He provides the audience with the simple explanation of the circular nature of his journey because "following a circle would give a purpose&emdash;to come around again&emdash;where taking a line would not"(Least Heat Moon 3). Immediately, the reader is …show more content…
He begins his journey at "zero," the very beginning of his circular adventure. Least Heat Moon reasons that "a man that couldn't make things go right could at least go"(3).

Because of the life-changing events he experienced, William Least Heat Moon just wanted to go. He felt that if things couldn't go right for him, he could chuck routine. He didn't want to walk out on his life. He wanted to start a new beginning. He felt that if he started all over again, he would find some meaning to his life. While traveling the back roads, he connects with all corners of life. According to Gene Lyons, Least Heat Moon travels to places where change did not mean ruin and where time and men and deeds connected(63).

The circular path of the blue highways less traveled has a spiritual meaning. The journey is the author's last ditch effort to regain some understanding and find the meaning of his heritage. The author symbolizes his ancestors, the Plains Indians, by naming his van Ghost Dancing. The circular path, in a way, can be described as a ghost dance.

He makes sense of his journey with the additional spiritual words of a New York policeman turned monk. He, too, had become fascinated with intense spiritual experiences of one kind or

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