Coastal Erosion Problems in Walton on the Naze Essay

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Coastal Erosion Problems in Walton on the Naze

The reason for doing this piece of coursework is to investigate the coastal erosion problems in Walton on the Naze. In this project I will be answering one main question: What should be done about the erosion of the Naze?

Walton on the Naze is a seaside resort along the coast of Essex just 8 miles south of Harwich, it is the most easterly part of the Essex coastline and it is surrounded by the North Sea. Walton is situated in southeast England and in north Essex, near Clacton (11km direct), Colchester (27km direct), and Brightlingsea (19km direct). It is a small English seaside town with a pier and a sandy beach. The Naze itself is about 1.5
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The water acts as a lubricant, causing the upper sections of the cliff to slip seawards. The sea is also eroding the lower sections of the cliff, leading to even greater instability.

The land at the Naze is mainly used for recreation, which includes bird watching. There are a small number of houses on the Naze and around the perimeter there is a nature reserve, Sewage works and farmland there is also Walton Tower. To the north of the Naze there is a bar and a lagoon formed by longshore drift.

The questions.

1. What evidence is there of erosion at the Naze?

2. What processes are responsible for the erosion?

3. What attitudes do people have towards the erosion?

4. How could the coastlines e managed?

5. What is my preferred option?

These questions are important to my study because, they cover all aspects of the study. For example: are people aware of erosion? Because if they are aware of the erosion they should do something about the erosion. I will answer all of these questions by going to Walton on the Naze, making a map of the area (figure 1), taking longshore drift measurements and asking people a questionnaire. On the next page I am going to write about how I am going to answer these questions by using a sequence of events flow chart.

The sequence

of investigation

flow chart.

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