Classroom Assessments Essay example

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As teachers, we have to monitor the progress our students make each day, week, quarter and year. Classroom assessments are one of the most crucial educational tools for teachers. When assessments are properly developed and interpreted, they can help teachers better understand their students learning progress and needs, by providing the resources to collect evidence that indicates what information their students know and what skills they can perform. Assessments help teachers to not only identify and monitor learners’ strengths, weaknesses, learning and progress but also help them to better plan and conduct instruction. For these reasons, ongoing classroom assessment is the glue that binds teaching and learning together and allows …show more content…
This indicator also makes sure that the assessment processes and results serve clear and appropriate purposes for both the teacher and the students. If the teacher properly uses clear purposes the assessment will allow the teacher to use the assessment they create to help formulate instruction. The second indicator is clear targets, which makes sure that the assessment reflects clear and valued students learning targets. (Guskey, T. 2003). For this step in creating an assessment, the teacher must be able to transform broad statements from content standards into classroom-level targets that set clear expectations for the students and focus on the most imperative things students need to know and achieve. The third indicator of a sound assessment is sound design, which makes sure the expectations set for the students by the clear targets are translated into assessments that yield accurate results. (Guskey, T. 2003). For this step in creating an assessment the teacher need to appropriately sample the students learning by formulating questions that ensure the targets have been met. The forth indicator of a sound assessment is effective communication which is important because it makes sure that the teacher communicates the results of the assessment to students. (Guskey, T. 2003). Effective communication is one of the most important indicators

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