Children are the Next of Our Generation, Our Future Essays

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When we think of our childhood, it is always hard to say exactly when it starts and when it ends. According to Drewery and Claiborne (2014), the age from about 12 months to 6 years are important for social reasons. In many ways it is wrong to categorize our life span in definite groups, they depend on where we are living in the world, our cultural background, our class. Different countries have different societal norms and this effects the early childhood which is ‘a crucial age of learning, before formal schooling begins’ (Drewery & Claiborne, 2014, p.132). In Japan, schooling starts when the child turns 6, (before the 2nd of April each year), every child having their first day of school on the same day, while in New Zealand, the child …show more content…
They often did not have the special care and protection like the children in most western first world countries have today. But in saying this there are many children who do not have this care and protection which we sometimes take for granted. Today, many children in third world countries miss out on education because of cultural reasons, values and obligation to family. There are also people who neglect and abuse their children which suggest these adults do not believe children are special (Drewery & Claiborne, 2014). There are many who don’t have good childhoods with the care, protection, freedom and innocence like we imagine, and it is important to not take this belief for granted because every person’s childhood is different depending on their circumstances.

Maturity is always developing within young children both physically and mentally. Even as we grow into adulthood we are often still maturing mentally. Burman (2008) asserts the child has been viewed in developmental theories as biologically immature, as always developing, progressing, reaching toward adult maturity (Drewery & Claiborne 2014).
This ties in with the child’s independence as they grow older. Independence can start off small by proving you are mature enough for certain tasks like taking the dog for a walk alone. However, one of the most significant steps of independence in western societies is when the child moves out of their family home, not having to depend on

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