Canyon Ranch Case Study Essay

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Canyon Ranch continues to enjoy exclusivity in its industry with the ability to command rates that are 25% to 30% higher than its competitors. Through its resort hotels, along with its health and spa services, Canyon Ranch historically has been able to offer levels of service that its competitors have not. However, the competition is catching up and Canyon Ranch is dedicated to ensure that it continues to remain the have the most demanded luxury spa locations by examining the way it approaches customer service and considering how Information Technology can help it reach these goals.
For Canyon Ranch, a customer relationship management strategy will help it become more customer service-friendly by make its processes more streamlined
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Services can also be scheduled on the website, providing both customer and employee an initial overview of the customer needs.
Canyon Ranch needs to offer customized options to its customers with integrating technology with its visits. This can be addressed by offering both self-service portals from rooms and various locations throughout the compounds from which they can book services or relying upon the program coordinator to book for them. Having options for customers will further streamline processes, free up time for customers, and make more time for customers that may require more help. Providing options helps maintain the low-tech image, while addressing the goals of allowing guests to translate thought into action and take control of their health as customers engage coordinators at their own choosing.
As customer engage in services throughout their visit, customer profiles need be updated on service provider portals along with service requests, and pertinent information, shortening the time of visits by eliminating the need to fully explain patient history. These updates will free up further time for the customer by not forcing them to unnecessarily re-address past issues and services. A full detail and history of services can be revisited by the customer via the

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