Business Strategic Plan Essay

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In developing a business strategic plan, the goal is to provide a product or service that ultimately generates profit. More so, this plan helps identifies a business desire at a particular time during the life-cycle, which is beyond the day-to-day operations ( OR ( In doing so, incorporating business ethics and social responsibilities initiatives, policies, or best practices are key. For this reason, the dedication consumes a significant amount of time in the decision making process. Each decision made must be carefully thought out and demonstrate that ethics and social responsibilities
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By the same token, educational opportunities should be available for employees to engage in learning and understanding the rational for each policy. Even more important, this provides accountability and demonstrates how a business should function as a cohesive unit.

Ethics provides a framework for recognizing unethical actions. It is important to understand that in some cases, unethical actions are not always illegal. Ethics are morals, theories or a system for dealing with the concept of good and bad; which includes the anticipated moral duty and obligations ( Simply illustrated, with concepts such as, character, professionalism, creditable, trustworthy, etc. are ways to generalize the meaning of ethics.

In this evolving world, the alarming concern is that ethics is a combination of preferences and the ethical standards can vary from business to business, which can cause dilemmas. On the other hand, ethics helps determine if actions and practices are at standards and being maintained through business activities such as programs, policies, and best practices. In fact, ethics helps ensures that the day-to-day business operations are ethical, hence legal and avoids criminal actions. In return, with such guidelines in place, can target specific issues and provides proper remedies for addressing them. Therefore, addressing the topic of ethics in a business strategic plan is a respectable

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