Biography of Edgar Allen Poe Essay

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Edgar Allen Poe is an influential force in the literary world. Poe is known for his horrific, depressing and dark writing style commonly seen in the way he presents his work. Many of Poe’s poems harbor unlikely plot twists and are mysterious, depressing and often based around human psychology. Readers often question Poe’s sanity and question the meaning of his intricate and complex poems. In order to understand Poe’s mindset and the reason behind why he presented and wrote his poetry in such a specific fashion, one must understand Poe himself, his lifestyle and what motivated his dark writing. Poe’s writing presents readers with an array of situations requiring careful analyzation of the writing in order to uncover some of the common …show more content…
The death of both his parents in a short amount of time contributed to his forming depression and mental collapse. “Poe later said that he had never known his mother nor enjoyed the affection of his father, for they had died within three days of each other… He must have remembered something of the melancholy atmosphere, poignant silence and hopeless despair as the attendants passed in and out of the sickroom; he surely retained some memory of the racking coughs, the spitting of blood, the sudden crimson hemorrhages and the pallid figure extended on her deathbed.(Meyers 7).” After their deaths Edgar was moved to a foster home where he continued his spiral. Edgar was also well known for his alcoholism which stemmed from early in his childhood. “To quiet them their old nurse ... took them upon her lap and fed them liberally with bread soaked in gin, when they soon fell asleep.... [She acknowledged] that she had… freely administered to them gin and other spirituous liquors, with sometimes laudanum [opium dissolved in alcohol]...(Meyers 5).” These combined events which took place in Edgar’s early childhood are imperative to understand his writing. These events may be considered irrelevant since Edgar was such a young child, but these events which occurred in his childhood initiated the downward spiral of his mental and emotional state.

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