Aphrodite And Her Works Essay

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People of all ages and cultures seek a relatable figure for comparison. Individual cultures adopted varying myths in order to identify these figures. In Greek mythology, the most colorful and relatable figure was the goddess of love, Aphrodite. This goddess, although immortal, exhibited the behaviors of many mortals. She was portrayed as a beautiful goddess with an fiesty attitude consisting of imperfection. Aphrodite’s lack of self-control, promiscuous behavior, and manipulative maneuvers contribute to her relatability and perpetual influence on modern culture. Aphrodite's indescribable personality led her acceptance among many different parties. Her only immortal friends were three very unique Companions– Euphrosyne, Aglaia, and …show more content…
For example, Her lack of self control and rage was evident in the stories of any mortal who dared to offer an incomplete sacrifice to her (FactCite). According to Encyclopedia Britannica, “Her gentle domain was intended to be ‘the sweetness of love’...but her adventures as well as those of her children caused as much misery and bloodshed as any of the immortals.” The events of adventure caused her once happy, cheerful domain to break away from her, only to be replaced by a temper of violent and destructive rage (Encyclopedia Brittanica). The greedy desires of Aphrodite led to her enticing Paris with the love of the most beuatiful woman on earath in order to be awarded the apple of discord. (Columbia University Press). Her deviousness struck again through the magic girdle given her by Hephaestus. While it was a gift meant to please her, whenever she wore it, others were attracted to her. Therefore, in an effort ot ditch Hephaestus, she wore it as often as she could. (Encyclopedia Mythica) . The rage she expressed in many circumstances may have been endowed upon her at birth, according to the popular myth of Hesiod. (Columbia University Press). The most common account of Aphrodite’s birth, that of Hesiod, consisted of her rising from the sea where Uranus’ genitals had fallen after Kronos had mutilated him in a fit of rage (Columbia University Press). This particular story explained many of her different

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