Americans on Welfare Essay

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How would you feel if you were paying a random adult out of your own pocket to simply live even though their income is higher than yours? According to statisticbrain “the total number of Americans on welfare [is] 12,800,000” and out of that number “the total number of U.S. States where welfare pays more than an $8 per hour job [is] 39, the total number of U.S. States where welfare pays more than a $12 per hour job [is] 6” Also, according to the same source the “Average Time [people are] on AFCD (Aid to Families with Dependent Children for over 5 years [is] 19.6%”. Although that is a vast amount of money welfare benefits are a necessity to our society in order for the economy to function better. There are people who truthfully need the help …show more content…
Eventually the bank was left with no money creating what we now know as the Great Depression. Because no one, including the rich and the state, had no money the government stepped in and decided to create a program. This program is now known as Welfare. Originally President Franklin D. Roosevelt intentionally created this to be a temporary fix until the great depression was over, but that didn’t go as planned. Throughout the years people continued and are still receiving benefits from this program. The welfare office should have more intense background checks. Typically their background checks consist of asking the individual basic questions such as their yearly income, number of people in the household and the number of people in the house that work. According to the article Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) “Normally a household must file an application form, have a face-to-face interview, and provide proof (verification) of certain information, such as income and expenses.” (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) But this isn’t enough, they should intensify the screening by having random drug testing done once a year. Recipients or future applicants that are on drugs should not be allowed to receive assistance due to the fact that the one of the reasons they receive it in the first place is because most of their money goes to drugs. However, if there is a

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