Essay on Airport Security

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The crash of TWA Flight 800 combined with increased terrorism in airports had led to more rigid security measures. Anyone who has flown recently has discovered that at most airports when you want to get your boarding pass, you must show a picture identification. This same procedure is followed when checking your baggage outside the terminal building.

Considering the bombing of the World Towers, the Federal Building in
Oklahoma City, and the bomb found in Atlanta Americans need to take security for all public places more seriously. This is especially true at airports where the security measures taken in other countries, such as Britain and
Israel, are far more rigid and effective. Given the alarmingly
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2). They look for the weakest spots that will also create the most fear (Barnes 132). Airports and airplanes are a prime target due to the large numbers of people who are placed in jeopardy by their threats or the large numbers who will dies as a result of a bombing. Airports, in many cases, are easy targets for a variety of reasons: they are often understaffed; security personnel do not receive adequate and ongoing training; machines used to detect possible materials are out of date; security measures that are in place are not followed (Searle, 2). It is surprisingly easy to gain access to restricted areas in many airports in the world, including areas that lead directly to the tarmac where planes are parked. Security Problems

Airports where significant problems with security can be found are not limited to countries where internal strife has been present for years nor are they limited to Asian or Arabian countries although the incidence is far greater in these countries. For instance, there are periodic hijackings and bomb threats on the route between Beijing and Taiwan, China; the security measures and adherence to them vacillates between good and poor. But other countries do not implement appropriate security measures at all; Athens,
Greece is one of those (Strecker 161).

Dulles International Airport is a major hub in the world. Dignitaries from all over the world fly in and out of this

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