Aims, Methods and Success of the use of Propaganda in Two Single Party States

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Compare and contrast the aims, methods and success of the use of propaganda in two single party states.

Essentially, both Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler had the same fanatic desire to make their nations “Great” and gain considerable respect worldwide which would be determined by their economic might. Both leaders used various means of propaganda to achieve their ultimate aims. To what extent they were successful, however, is a debatable issue.
Hitler could not achieve the solid control over the masses which he had, if he did not have the help of the so called powerful propaganda machine. Propaganda had been vital in winning the Nazis support that helped them come into power. As Goebbels stated in 1934 “Propaganda was [their]
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Mussolini’s aims were quite similar to those of Hitler’s. He was also devoted to his desire to make Italy great and regain the power it had before the beginning of World War One. Mussolini’s major aim was to impose Fascist ideology just like Hitler was obsessed with his Nazi ideology. The Italian leader wanted to regain the confidence of his nation which he tried to achieve though means of propaganda just like Hitler. Moreover, he tried to demonstrate a united nation which would strengthen the country. He was particularly concerned with Italy’s economy and especially of his aim to make Italy economically self –sufficient. Another aim of his which should be taken into consideration was to prepare Italians for military success through a larger and more vigorous population. Unlike Hitler, Mussolini tried very hard to inflict Fascism from a very early age since he knew that the older are harder to manipulate. Therefore, he put great emphasis on propaganda in schools Italians schools. In fact the ideal young Fascist would be one that hates fear and loves hard life, one that would serve with love and passion the cause of Fascism. Youth, according to Mussolini must have been educated to understand Fascism, develop the Italian character and live in the “historic atmosphere create by the “Fascist Revolution”.
Hitler used propaganda in every possible way he could encounter. He considered as essential factors in

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