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Now so more than at any other time in human history people are living longer due to such things as advances in medicine to just healthy lifestyle choices. To some extent the reason why those of the older generation may be living longer is because of simply living simply. Quite often you will hear from the older generation that life moved at a slower pace or that if they wanted something they had to work hard and save for it. Attitude and acceptance played a big part and just being content with how life was seemed the to be the norm. The difference between what one generation previous has lived through in comparison to the generations following life experiences are often referred to as a generation gap. While some are dread to think …show more content…
The daughter visits on a weekly basis while the other two children ring and sometimes send money. Ava has had good health until recently apart from suffering with back problems since the age of nineteen after taking a tumble and an hysterectomy at age sixty one. Ava's recent health problems include diabetes mellitus, a stroke, two heart attacks and glaucoma all occurring in the last seven years (refer to Appendix A). Hospitalisations for the hysterectomy, stroke and two heart attacks. Medication has been prescribed to Ava for the diabetes, heart and to keep cholesterol under control. Ava does not self examine breast nor ever experienced a mammogram. Thinks has had a cervical smear but cannot remember. Any information known about families health history extends to siblings and an aunt as not much is known about biological parents. Recent weight loss has sparked concern by General Practitioner who is trying to monitor how much and what Ava eats but which is hard to do since Ava lives by herself. Diet lacks balance as Ava refuses to eat red meat and claims to be lactose intolerant so eats very little dairy if any. However, Ava does eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and rice (refer to Appendix A). Fluid intake is sufficient. Wears glasses for reading. Has diminished hearing in both left and right ears. While Ava acknowledges that there have been some health problems Ava does

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