Afro-Centric Schooling or Modern-day Segregation in Toronto? Essay

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On January 28th 2008, the Toronto District School Board voted to approve the creation of a highly controversial black focused public school. This black focused school is a supposed solution to the high dropout rate among black youth in Toronto, which runs as high as 40 percent. The school, which is one of three recommended across the city, will focus on black culture and history, as opposed to the mainstream education system which is seen to be Eurocentric. Although the goal of the school is to be open to students of all ethnic background, the title sends a divergent message. The use of the words “black” or “Afro-centric” within the title of the schools creates a distinct and obvious separation within society. It creates an ideology that …show more content…
Moral panics are controversies that involve arguments and tension within society about topics that are sensitive. The sensitivity of these topics shows the feeble ability of resolving the issue at hand, hence why people turn to panicking as a proposition and/or resolution. The basis of a moral panic is to distract people from the real source of panic and reproducing the existing relations of ruling. Furthermore, a moral panic is a societal anxiety that is created by “moral entrepreneurs” when they sense a danger or risk to social or cultural values. The people who are seen as the supposed “threat to society” are described as “folk devils” (Ekwa-Ekoko, 2008). Now, these “folk devils” cause issues within society usually when there is some sort of mistreating of their character occurring. In the case of the black focused schools, people who want the approval of black focused schools, who are mainly concerned parents of “at risk youth”, are the “folk devils” because they are the ones who are posing a threat to society. Their concerns were based on how to reduce dropout rates among black youth, therefore they brought focus onto the current school system. These concerned people created a spotlight onto the education system of Toronto. Now, one of the key players in moral panics is the media and this is because “it de-contextualizes and de-historicizes stories”(Ekwa-Ekoko, 2008, p 43). Now, after much debating over this complex issue, many people started paying attention to

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