Advertising Athletic Apparel and the Obese Essay example

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Athletic Apparel: Detriment to the Obese?

Giant, toned arms, washboard abs, and ripped legs—these attributes are all too common in commercials for athletic apparel. Outfitters such as Nike, Adidas, Converse, Asics, and Under Armour display elite athletes in many of their commercials. Unlike some food, clothing, and car, among others, commercials, they are never directed toward the obese. Even fast-food companies are recognizing that the U.S. has dominated other countries in a statistic that it should not be proud of—the percentage of obese people living within our borders. Who is to blame for this? No one party can shoulder the bulk of the blame because it belongs to a large number of people. But the problem now is not to place
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This picture demonstrates how athletic apparel is not only aired on television commercials; they are displayed in public places where anyone can see them. It goes without saying that Dwayne Wade is in incredible shape and it is understandable that Converse would want to put him in their commercials but they have not put up billboards directed towards people who are trying to lose weight. These advertisements do not all include male professional athletes, and are not all directed at men. This Adidas ad, found on the internet, displays a woman running in nothing but Adidas apparel—shoes, shorts, and jacket—who also has the perfect running physique, which consists of long legs, a thin frame, and defined calves. Adidas should not show all fat people running in their commercials, but they should include a few because it shows that you do not have to be in great shape to go outside for a jog. It would also give the sense that losing weight is not a quick process; depending on how overweight the person is, it could take years. Over the last few months, Under Armour has released several of their “click-clack” commercials, which discuss the “last sound you hear before you step on the field” and feature several of this year’s National Football League (NFL) rookies who are expected to make a big impact early. This picture, found on Under Armour’s website, feature’s San Francisco 49er’s Tight End Vernon Davis who came to be known as the “beast” while at the University of

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