Adult Education Program Design Essay

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Great Tread designs, markets, and manufactures custom safety floor matting from their corporate offices and manufacturing plant located in Tyler, Texas. Great Tread serves their national and international accounts and employs 875 people. The company garners a sizeable market share of this ever growing and demanding industry. Great Tread designs, manufactures, markets, and sells safety mats, anti-fatigue mats, logo mats, interlocking flooring tiles, and Waterhog™ mats, and bonded rubber mulch for their national and international clientele.
Alpha Consulting Company is a company that improves the training and development process through analyzing the learning needs of the trainees and the systematic development of learning
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The audit exposed waste, poor quality control, decreased productivity, a lack of communication, and a decrease in revenue. These issues are largely due to the use of an outdated system. This system cannot effectively detect or track inventory control issues, quotas, lean manufacturing, or internal communications and is incompatible with the software used to maintain client information, history, and orders.
Great Tread has contracted Alpha Consultants Company to design a training plan that will effectively prepare 110 employees for the go-live date of the new automated inventory management system (AIMS). Great Tread’s organizational structure is divided up by department type, including: administrative, financial, sales and marketing, and manufacturing. This structure contributes to communication issues, especially considering that the current system is incapable of linking departments, data, and clients; however the new system will integrate all of these departments into one system and is designed to promote cross communication. Alpha Consulting has developed a strategic plan to implement the new program and ensures the successful transition and optimal performance of employees at every level.
In today’s world, workplace and personal responsibilities are so dynamic that they force adults to integrate learning and training into their lives. Many psychological theories have contributed to the field of instructional design. Underlying them all, however, is

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