Adolf Hitler's Rise To Power Essay

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Seen as one of the harshest times, the Economic Depression did not only affect Germany. The Wall Street Crash had an enormous effect on many countries all over the world. As mistaken by economists and leaders, the “mild bump” increased to an overgrowing problem, which ended with disaster. As the value of money decreased, many governments decided to print more money.
Germany’s economy was very susceptible since it was built up on the American loans. The country was also dependable on foreign trades. As the Germans still had to pay the reparations, which were due to the War guilt from World War I, the banks throughout Germany failed, along with many production levels. Almost every German citizen suffered from the Economic Depression. It
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As the unemployment increased, the Nazis gave the German inhabitants new hope through offering them jobs. The Nazis had a phenomenal good propaganda, which was a good advantage for them, after they gained more and more hope from the German citizen. Hitler used the Economic Depression mostly for gaining new members for his party and for his propaganda. He was a man, who held very influential speeches and used a lot of enthusiasm while presenting his speeches. The Germans believed a lot in the speeches Hitler held and they more and more gained trust towards Hitler and the Nazis. The Economic Depression was a great affect on the rise of Hitler. Many people soon realized that the Weimar Republic failed its office and that Hitler and the Nazis were actually speaking out of their minds. Through the Great Depression in 1929, the Nazi Party gained more and more votes every time Hitler held an expressive speech. The Economic Depression contributed a lot to Hitler’s rise of power, since it was one of the triggers that gave them more and more votes.

Question 2:
Most actions in Hitler’s rise to power were either long or short-term causes. As a long-term cause considered, in this case, is an act, which has taken place many years before Hitler acquired his power. In the case of Hitler’s rise to power, a short-term cause is an action, which took place only a few years before he gained the power.
Considered as

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