Essay on Abortion

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From being legal to illegal and back again, abortion has been through a long and tough struggle around the world and especially in the United States. Many people see abortion as different kinds of procedures and operations, but there can only be one scientific explanation for the procedure that has been on the minds of millions.

Abortion has been around ever since people have been able to write about it. In the early 12th century it was a crime under the Assyrian code. Women that chose to have an abortion where tried, and if convicted, impaled on a stake and denied the dignity of a proper burial. During the Classical Era (6th – 4th century BC), Greece allowed abortion. An abortionist’s failure to inform the father was
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Women where fighting for freedom and equality and part of this was the their ability to control their reproductive lives. Colorado, California and North Carolina became the first states to liberalize their statutes. By 1973, thirteen states had enacted similar measures. The states were coming closer to making abortion legal in all cases up to a designated time proclaimed by the state, and by the early 1970’s four states had taken that step and made abortion legal. (Flanders 8, Encarta ’97)

The courts now needed to set up a designated time that abortion would be legal and they formed the trimester rule. It stated:
     In the 1st trimester of pregnancy the government could not interfere with abortion except to insist a licensed physician perform it.
     In the 2nd trimester the government could regulate abortion to protect a women’s health and welfare.
     In the 3rd trimester the government could act to preserve the fetal life only if it’s primary concern was to protect the mother. (Whitney 75)

Today abortion is legal in all states although some states have their own regulations set. Some states regulations include a twenty-four hour waiting period, a doctor obtaining a woman’s informed consent and

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