A Future Free of Paper

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A Future Free of Paper

Cyberculture is a term that over 15 years ago you would have not given much thought to. Computers were still foreign and scary to many of us then. We saw this big object, that seemed to be able to zap anything into some dark space and beyond. Now, computers are involved in our lives everyday in some way. We use them at work, for school, and even still for the pure enjoyment of them. They are slowly creeping into our lives and taking over our everyday task. I no longer need to balance my checkbook, the computer will do it for me. When ever I need to know a fact fast, I no longer need to pour over the encyclopedia. I can just ask "Jeeves", who has the answers for almost everything. Sure, there are still those
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Now you can email a quick note in the matter of seconds to anyone across the world. The letter is something we now save to send to our grandparents. Wendy Lesser writes, "For the rest of the world, mail is generally to slow to gratify the needs of the moment. You might choose to rely on the stamp and envelope on special occasions."(229). We live in a world where the faster something is the better it is. Email fits this description over mail and is slowly taking its place.

Cyberculture has made this process a little less personal, but much quicker. Many will argue that letters are personal and have the touch of each person who writes one. Our handwriting is our own mark we leave and the grammar errors are part of us. Email takes that all away from us and gives each letter the exact characteristics of the others. There is nothing personal in an email, but it is our main way of communicating now. Writing is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Sure there is still the quick note we jot down or maybe a long letter we do sit down to write, but if you take your time and notice your email you will see a difference. How many people do you communicate with daily? Would you still be communicating with these people if you did not have access to email?

Email is also more convenient for those of us that have odd hours available to communicate during. I can come home at night and not worry about waking someone up if I need to talk to them. I can send an

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