Essay about A Character Analysis of James Joyce's The Dubliners

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In the collection of short stories in “Dubliners,” James Joyce introduces a mosaic of the day-to-day lives of working class Irishmen and their personal struggles with the pre-independent societal and personal restrictions of Victorian England. The characters of Little Chandler, Eveline, Maria, and Farrington symbolize the specific components of the kaleidoscopic Irish population and their universal tendency to stay contained within the limits of the current time period and within the limitations of their society. Despite life presenting them with opportunities to improve or change their living conditions, these people are not ready to move on and are suffocated by their ambiguity, their belief system, and their stereotypes. …show more content…
Frank is visiting his home town and since he has passionate feelings for the young girl, he wants to take her with him to Buenos Aires. Eveline hopes to get married to Frank in Brazil and “ live happily ever after” with him.
His alluring promises make Eveline contemplate her past, present, and future. On one hand she is ready for change, she wants to be recognized in society; she believes by getting married to Frank she will become someone. Eveline is dreaming that in the new country everything will be different, “People would treat her with respect…” (Joyce 28). On the other hand though, she is struggling with her decision to leave. Since she gave her dying mother her word “to keep the home together as long as she could”, she feels responsible for her younger siblings and is trapped between her wants and her duty (Joyce 30). While looking out of her room’s window, Eveline wonders if her future, far-from-familiar home will be really happy and if it is worth leaving her loved ones. She wants to escape from the provincial life in Ireland and experience the bigger world, but simultaneously, she is afraid of what people would “…say of her in the stores when they [find] out that she ran away with a fellow?”( Joyce 28) She is also uncertain about how her family will survive without her.
Eveline has to weigh the pros and cons of both her

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