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Fitting In

In the biomythography, Zami, by Audre Lorde, Lorde uses specific scenes to highlight arguments running throughout the text. The epilogue is Lorde's reflection on her life and emphasizes many of her struggles and ideals about life. Lorde uses this final place in the book to show the reader how her journey throughout life gave her the ability to define a home. This passage emphasizes that Lorde faced many hardships, especially the challenges of self-integration. Lorde, was a minority in every group that she belonged to. Because of this, Lorde had trouble with both fitting in and defining herself; it was not until Lorde became confident in being different that she could find a true home.
The fact that Lorde faces so
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Lorde uses the word "bridge" as a mode of transportation over the hardships and back to the road to self-integration. This "bridge" also is a path to the future where Lorde is able to fully integrate into society and find herself. Finding herself through integration and through her support network of women Lorde shows the reader how she is building a home for herself.
Lorde has gained confidence through these relationships, which in turn let her move on from the idea of her mother's home in Carriacou, through her hardships and network of friends, Lorde comes to understand that it is only when she embraces her difference that she will truly have a home. Lorde's support network is what gave her the confidence to express herself. In this self-expression, Lorde began to not only integrate but come to the realization that her difference is what makes her free: "I choose these words with the same grave concern with which I choose to push speech into poetry, the mattering core, the forward visions of all our lives" (256). This shows Lorde's ability to see into the future, and past the idea of discrimination. The word "choose" is used twice in this quote. This emphasizes Lorde's choice. She now feels that she is in control of her life and therefore she has integrated, become independent and found a home. lorde's home is no longer the idea of Carriacou, but instead is defined by the journey that lead her to self discovery: "Once home was a long way off, a place I

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