Youtube And Its Effect On Society Essay

1678 Words Sep 30th, 2016 7 Pages
YouTube has revolutionized the art of movie making in the last few years. Where once someone needed complex equipment, industry access, and specialized skills, now one can go to the nearest tech store and be ready to film in minutes. Thanks to the accessibility YouTube and other sites grant individuals, the internet has become obsessed with creating representations of individuals’ daily lives. Take a look at any blog, gaming, or art channel, and one sees this trend. This trend embodies the thoughts Benjamin had on technical reproductions in his essay. YouTube showcases Benjamin’s idea of new technologies leading to a redefining of individuals’ perspective on art. This perspective leads to the abolishment of the ritualistic aspects of film. YouTube builds off Benjamin’s concept that the perception changes extending beyond art or communication to impact larger entities such as war by showing that mass cultural interaction is also fundamentally altered.
To start, YouTube relates to Benjamin’s description of a technological that allow for the revolution of reproductions. There is a precedence that YouTube is a new innovation as it does allow a mass audience to produce art. One no longer needs fancy equipment and producers. They only need a phone to start recording videos and access to one of the many free computer software programs in order to post a video, a work of art. Comparing this to Benjamin’s technological innovations, he talks about a similar set up with the printing…

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