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Luis Morales

Professor Stacy Lu
The Pedagogy of Dance

October 22, 2014

Teacher Critique: Jazz 1 by Tom Roberts

In the following pages I will critique and discuss Tom Roberts’s Jazz 1 class at a dance studio. However, it is important to have basic knowledge of Swain’s credentials. Tom Roberts holds a BFA in Theatre from Salem State University. He has been teaching, choreographing, and performing since 1997. His teachings include Jazz 1 and Musical Theatre Dance at University of Massachusetts Boston, and Hip-Hop Fusion at Tufts University. He also teaches Jazz-Funk at the Dance Complex in Cambridge, MA and is the artistic director and choreographer of his own dance company. When observing the beginning of Robert’s Jazz 1
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This allowed everyone to feel comfortable with making mistakes and have encouragement to correct them.
Robert’s movements in his choreography showed strong continuity. Every move and step flowed with one another. His choreography also put stress upon proper body mechanics. Swain reminded the class to stress upon keeping their toes pointed. Anytime a student forgot to point their toes, he made sure to correct them. The pointing of the toes put positive stress onto the ankles, feet, and toes during the class. He also had students stress upon their jazz hands. Every jazz hand needed to be sharp with stretched out fingers to create a powerful hand movement. The jazz hands also allowed arms, as body mechanics, to be stressed with every sharp emotion.
The philosophical approach and aim in Robert’s dance class was to have fun and give powerful energy. Anytime the class seemed like they were not giving enough energy during the choreography, Tom Robert would shout out and remind us to give him attitude when we danced. If there was a certain section in the choreography that seemed rather difficult, he would remind the class to just have fun with it. His class was definitely challenging, but in a positive way that encouraged myself and the class to push harder. Even though we pushed harder, the environment was always fun due to Tom Robert’s positive and effective teaching. His class description as jazz was indeed accurate. He organized his class

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