Youth Unemployment By Alan Greenblatt Essay

989 Words Aug 10th, 2015 4 Pages
Is education all it’s cut out to be or is it merely a facade masking the downturn in the job market and the ability to develop into independent adults? Alan Greenblatt’s article “Youth Unemployment” explicates the co-dependent relationship between the economy and youth unemployment, while giving a glimpse of prospective future recessions. In the aftermath of the focus being on college education, people are not just becoming destitute of jobs but of adulthood. Young adults unwillingness to take risks grows as, the amount of jobs dwindle and unemployment rates rise, essentially affecting the nations’ economy. We live in a world where most people think one needs to be educated before entering the work force. Would it not be more practical if one learned the skills pertaining to each job? The reality is we don’t live in a perfect world, and trying to fix predetermined skills to jobs is unrealistic in the situation of growing young adults looking for employment. Youth unemployment has prevented young people from becoming independent adults, not only delaying their personal lives and finances but impacting the national economy as well. With collaboration from both the government and the people we can implement vocational and technical training in high school education. The process of becoming an independent adult requires a job. As Daniel J. Mitchell points out, “If you don’t have much financial security, you’re not setting up your own household, getting married and having your…

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