Youth Theatre : A Safe Place That Supports Young People Essays

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Youth Theatre is defined by the National Association Youth Drama 2014 as ‘a safe place that supports young people by using group or ensemble drama approaches. Contributing to the artistic, personal and social development of young people through their commitment and voluntary participation ‘. Therefore Youth theatre groups promote different approaches, which have equivalent focuses such as the development of theatre skills or personal development in order to provide beneficial educational values. These groups often contain the benefits such as enabling young people to engage in self-expression, exploration of creativity with inclusive support. Therefore Derby Youth Theatre provides an accessible environment for local young people to participate in developmental activities. My role with Derby Youth Theatre as a Youth Theatre assistant consisted of responsibilities; to follow the process of a youth theatre assistant, to develop shadow the facilitating within this production process, and to confidently demonstrate games and exercises in order to encourage the group This essay will explore the techniques of planning a youth theatre and behaviour management throughout the youth theatre.
To plan a youth theatre workshop an achievable end goal is put in place. Sydney Theatre Company 2003 provide ‘Workshops which are linked to the curriculum and provide students with an in-depth exploration into theatre practices with industry professionals and artists who work in STC 's subscription…

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