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Youth At-Risk: Preventing Student Dropouts and Facilitating Reintegration
A State of Israel Experience

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Melfi M. Caranto. Technological Institute of the Philippines, Manila

Overview of Israel’s Educational System

The wellbeing of the youth is being taken as a serious national issue in Israel and they have done concrete actions about it. First of all, Israel has a very good educational structure and system. Education is free and compulsory from 1st to 12th grade. There is no private school in Israel because almost all of the school is supported by the state. It is very interesting to note that there is no student who repeats a term because of difficulty coping with lessons. They have a good
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What is also special about this department is their system of classifying the youth at risk and for creating a special program for each one of them. The programs are so unique to the point that they are spending a considerable amount of resources,

Children and Youth At-Risk

A child/youth is considered at-risk if he/she is:

– between the ages of three to eighteen, who is in a situation that is harmful or may be harmful to his/her ability to integrate into an appropriate lifestyle of studies, social life, and family; or

– in a situation where there is genuine concern for his/her sound development and/or that his/her personal potential and basic right to significant and high quality education is not being fulfilled.

Classification of Youth At-Risk

Overt Dropout – a situation of physical detachment of the children and youth from the education system appropriate for his/her age.

Covert Dropout - children and youth who are frequent absentee and/or sit in class passively, and do not participate in any sort of significant and/or effective learning.

At-Risk Situations and Symptoms (in contexts influencing the child/youth in the education system)

Educational At-Risk Situations – low achievement, transitions between frameworks, discipline and adaptation problems, language difficulties (immigrants), learning

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