Young Non Caucasian Students And Children Essay

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Many people, including researchers, believer lower SES families and children are limited in cognitive abilities in part due to lack of resources at home. What would you say to someone if they stated this?
a. I would tell them that there are plenty of resources and it doesn’t need to be toys or computers for them to gain cognitive abilities. For math, one could count food or the child’s fingers and toes. Other cognitive strategies would include just talking to your child and getting library books to read to your child.
What are your personal biases? (if you feel uncomfortable mentioning a few, just let me know by stating that)
• I would say before reading this book that I had similar biases that were stated in the book. That young non-Caucasian students struggle greatly in school. This book helped me realize and see how important my teaching and other teachers teaching really is!
• Last year, when I got stuck in Freshman Seminar as a 24-year old and already college graduate, I definitely had a personal bias to all the freshman in that class. I took the freshman as lazy and dumb.
Find a quote (or two quotes) you feel is inspirational to you in the book. Why do you feel this way? What does it mean to you?
b. “Education for all children should be ‘special’ – that is, specially designed to discover the strengths and accommodate the needs of each child”
c. I really thought this was inspirational because it summarizes basically what the book is about. The book is letting…

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