Essay on `` You Aren 't Human '

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"You aren 't human."
It wasn 't a question, I knew he would figure it out. Of course, I thought he would 've figured it out sooner but late is better than never I assume.
"Ah, he finally understands. No, I 'm not entirely human, but neither are you. Any of you." I point out to the crowd that has gathered seemingly out of nowhere. Smiling sweetly at their shocked faces.
"What are you?" A voice to my left asked softly as if he were afraid, of who? Me? Surely not. The thought made me smile wider, a bit too cheerful even to myself.
Sanders stood about 5 feet away from me, not daring to come closer.
Not so tough for a big alpha male, he seems like the omega.
"Come find out. You can smell it, I know you can." Extending my hand out to him. His eyes were the size of a full moon at that moment, glittering silver with fear. Oh how I love that fear, not because I want them to be scared of me exactly but it 's more of I don 't want them, any of them, to reject me. A strange feeling washed through me, the smile I worked hard to perfect slipped from my face, sighing I stood up, the whole room took a couple steps back.
Slowly walking over to Sanders, he stood defiantly, maybe he is alpha after all.
I reached my hand out to him a second time, he took it reluctantly. Pulling me closer, I could feel the heat radiating off him. I haven 't been this close to a wolf in years, 126 to be exact but who 's counting?
I tilted my head to the right, I know he 's trying to find a pulse, he won…

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