Yogi Berra Management Style

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Yogi Berra is one of six managers to take teams from both the AL and NL to the World Series. In his almost 7 years as a manager with both the New York teams, he only had 2 losing seasons, no World Series championships, and 2 seasons where he didn't last the whole season as a manager. Yogi managed the Mets from 1972-1975 with a record of 292-296 with them and with the Yankees he managed for a little over 2 (1964, 1984-1985), with a record of 192-148. A combined total of 484-444. He had problems dealing with management his entire coaching career, until the very end where he was able to find a good place to coach, with the Houston Astros.

First Time Managing the Yankees.
When he started coaching, in 1963, he was still a player with the Yankees, he played and coached the Bronx Bombers this season; playing in only 64 games. After the 1963 season, he was given the Yankees' manager job. In his first season of managing, 1964, he took the New York Yankees to a World Series, but lost in 7 games to the St. Louis Cardinals. He won 99 games in the regular season. After he lost this series, he was fired, the Yankees said it was due to lack of communication.

Coaching for
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He would win two more championships with these Yankees in both the 1977 and 1978 seasons. Yogi Berra replaced Billy Martin as manager after twice turning the position down for the 1984 season. George Steinbrenner went through a lot of coaches in this time period, not keeping a manager for very long, he didn't keep Yogi for very long either. In the 1985 season, he had wanted to coach his son, Dale, who was a shortstop. Yogi had been coaching his son up to that point and his son had been doing pretty well. He was fired just 16 games into the 1985 season, after a 6-10 start, with the Yankees; making it so that he couldn't manage his son. That and Dale's personal problems. Yogi posted a .522 winning percentage, the highest during the Steinbrenner era, until Joe

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