Yellow Journalism Essay

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Yellow Journalism Yellow journalism is a type of writing that exaggerates or can be biased to one particular opinion or belief that is said to be written as the truth. When writing yellow you take factual information and changing facts to keep readers interested. Yellow journalism could also be used to establish fear, concern and even in certain cases sympathy to readers to keep them enriched in the article. Where did Yellow Journalism come from? William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer are considered to be the father of Yellow Journalism. Yellow journalism was born during the industrial revolution period, which was famous for the invention of the printing press, which aloud for mass production of mass media. During the late 1890’s …show more content…
The day Michael Jackson died; Conrad Murray was there that morning to administer his daily dosage. And after Michael had collapsed he was nowhere to be found; now leaving the scene of Michael Jackson’s death does not prove him guilty, but the facts sure do point to something fishy on his side. The autopsy showed that he had high amounts of Demerol in his system and Conrad was the only person who could administer it to him. Eight months after the death of Michael Jackson, Conrad Murray was charged with involuntary manslaughter. Even with murder charges he is only sentenced to a maximum of four years in prison. Is yellow Journalism present today? Yes I believe that we are bombarded with Yellow Journalism each and every day. It is less common than in the late 1800’s but still widely used. It is mostly used as gossip or in political debates or commercials. Look at political commercials and how they portray their opponents. They are always finding the smallest bit of dirt on the person and blowing it way out of proportion. It doesn’t matter which party they both do it. Look at society today mostly kids in school settings, they love to spread rumors about something happening to someone or starting something just to start something. So we do see Yellow Journalism affecting us today and it is obviously a large part of society today. Yellow journalism will never go away; it will just evolve with time and changing

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