Yellow Fever 1793

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Imagine having a horrible sickness with nobody agreeing on how to treat the sickness. This is what many Yellow Fever victims had to go through in the Yellow Fever epidemic of 1793 in Philadelphia. Doctors all had different ideas of how to treat the Yellow Fever victims. Not to mention, many people did not know what the symptoms, causes, or treatments even were. While there are many different ideas on the symptoms, cures, and treatments, there are only some that are correct, such as the “French cure.”
There are many unknown symptoms of having the Yellow Fever. One of these symptoms are the victim’s skin and eyes turning yellow. When red blood cells were destroyed it caused yellowing of the skin and eyes in fever victims (Murphy, 14). Another
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Some believed that the 1793 epidemic was caused by the ships coming into Philadelphia. “One of the theories, and thus, one of the rumors, is that it's coming in off of those boats” (WPVI-TV. “Fever 1793.”). Some more believed causes were miasmas or wastes. It was believed that the fever could be coming from the human waste or from rotting coffee beans (WPVI-TV. “Fever 1793.”). Neither of these theories are actually correct. In fact, the disease originates from mosquito bites.”The most dangerous illnesses associated with the Aedes are dengue fever and yellow fever” (“Dangers of the Aedes Mosquito.”). Those are some examples of theories of what causes the Yellow Fever and what actually causes the Yellow …show more content…
One way that was believed to help fever victims was bloodletting. Doctors such as Dr. Rush believed in emptying the body of bad blood (Murphy,61). Another way that was believed to cure fever victims was swallowing poison to clean out the body. “Rush would, in effect, poison a patient in order to produce extreme vomiting and diarrhea (61). The correct way of healing a Yellow Fever victim, however, is performing the”French Cure.” This treatment is all about helping the body to heal naturally by feeding them, providing a clean area, and offering medicine (Murphy,75). The “French Cure” is indeed the more correct way to treat Yellow Fever victims compared to bloodletting or

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