Essay about Year Round School Round Schools

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Year-Round School Students who attend year-round school are in the classroom for a certain number of weeks and are given short breaks frequently. Some people feel discouraged by year-round schooling because they fear children will be tackling multiple activities at once, causing overpowering stress (“The Pros and Cons of Year-Round Schools”). Others, however, feel confident in year-round school because it provides children with a better opportunity to remember the lessons they’ve learned instead of forgetting them over the course of two months. Year-round schooling would be beneficial for students. People frequently argue that more days in the school year will overwhelm children, but what they fail to understand is that the students are in the classroom for the same amount of days as they are in a normal school year. As of the 2011-12 school year, a small percentage of public schools were on a year-round school calendar. Since 1986, the amount of districts switching to year-round schooling has gone up to 26 percent, showing that more districts are seeing the benefits that switching to a year-round school provides for staff and students (Zubrzycki). One of the biggest ways students benefit by having year-round school is that they are not out of the classroom long enough to forget what they’ve been taught (Gisler). Summer vacation typically lasts about three-months, which allows children to do everything but look at their textbooks. This leads to not practicing important…

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