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The structure of the joint venture between Xerox Corporation and Fuji Xerox became an issue in the beginning of the 90´s. The growth of the competence from Canon, Richoh and Minolta in the low-end copiers and Kodak and IBM in the high-end has led them to lose market share. The growth of the Asian and South Pacific Market as well as the necessity of Fuji Xerox to be more independent becomes a challenge for the managers of the Xerox Group. We need to find the best practices in product designs, manufacturing, and management ideas to continue this synergy and fight against the growing competence.
To understand our situation in this case we most analyze how Fuji Xerox became important for Xerox Corporation. In the beginning of the 60´s Fuji
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After the understanding of the factors, now we have to organize ideas and ask a question: Does this create value in terms of partnership for the joint venture? This partnership gives mutual benefits and creates value in the long term for the corporation. We quote the words of Mr. Bill Spencer, vice president of technology
“Xerox has excellent basic research and software capabilities, and Fuji Xerox is good at development and hardware design, together we should be able to develop better products quicker than alone” .
Fuji Xerox would not have been created without Xerox Corporation but they benefits from Fuji Xerox capabilities to develop and manufacture new products so rapidly.
Moreover we have to analyze another question: The organizational infrastructure is appropriated for this partnership, should Xerox Group give more privileges to Fuji Xerox? The market and our main competitors show us that Japanese companies tend to be able to create better designs in the low and mid-end segments and FX is well positioned to take advantage of this trend. XC should focus on the high-end segment and give more freedom and

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