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You have to work your way up the ranks up the wwe to be a main event superstar. To be Brock Lesner, john Cena or even the undertaker. You have to work hard and be strong in the ring because once your in there there’s no turning back. Just hope that whoever you’re fighting that they don’t punish you to much. If your fight Braun Strowman give up he is nicknamed the monster of a man since he destroys everyone he’s fights. First you have to prove yourself first. You’ll go into nxt the turning brand of the roster just hold the nxt championship for a while or if your tag team hold the nxt tag team championship if you’re a women hold the nxt women championship if your on the main roster you have more championship to challenge for like the
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The main event of wwe is a tough and long road ahead of the main event superstars of wwe . The greatest wwe legend is Ric Flair the 16 time champion who John Cena tied with in reigns as the champ . Sometimes you a might have someone watching your back to help you out when a heel or face attacks you . But most likely a face wont attack you just worry about the heel people like triple h or Somoa Joe being a face you’ll do good things like helping people out when a heel is attacking another face. Being a face is fun and you’ll be loved by the crowd .

A heel is also fun you get to beat people and tell the crowd off. A heel is a bad guy in the wwe and there are a lot of great heels in the wwe like Brock lesner although he’s a Paul heymen guy but a heel is what’s make a face a face . what why do a heel attack attack people to make the main event in wwe . You’ll can and will do any to make the main event in the wwe . And it will all be worth it to have the wwe championship around your wrist . And the final chapter in this saga is the Paul Hayman guy .
Being a Paul Hayman guy means you’ll do what he tells you to do so if he tells you to attack someone you better do it or else the beast will be unleashed on you. Who is the beast? Well it’s Brock Lesner . And he is deadly in the ring . Just ask mark Henry. Paul Hayman weapon is Brock Lesner . But being a Paul Hayman guy is fun ad depending on what he tells to you you’ll

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